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>> all right. thank you. "fox and friends" starts right now. bye. >> gretchen: little slow this morning . here we are. good morning, everyone. i am gretchen carlson. one of the bin laden shooter speaks out with details that you haven't heard how one word saved the raid. >> steve: breaking news over not. mayor emanuel focuses on reelection, teacher necessary his town went on strike. >> brian: it is the biggest story. the truth behind the unemployment numbers . we are 56 days in the 2012 election. and "fox and friends" starts right now.
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>> gretchen: good morning, we are back at home. i never thought i would look so much forward to the curvey couch from the stools from a female perspective are not always the most flattering way to sit. >> steve: new found appreciation for the millions of americans who live out of a suit case. hats off to you . we are finally home. >> brian: how the heck you did that. four suit cases. you were on the same flight home and he saw your baggings. >> brian: very little. he carried it on and i said in the baggage claim. >> steve: thanks to mrs. doocy i am efficient. >> brian: if you are drafted. >> gretchen: you knew steve would have clothes to borrow from. >> brian: i dressed like i had
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gym that day and you give me clothes or i am in trouble. last night i watched 60 machines and at that time heavily made up with the voice distorted and altered . we found out the truth about the raid to kill bill oven >> steve: a fella by the name mark owen which is not his real name . former member of seal team 6, the raid that killed bin laden. of all of the stuff we heard about the raid we had not heard before. this particular fellow was on the black hawk that went down. he was also the second man into bin laden's bed room. >> gretchen: he fired shots in bin laden. not the original one but once bin laden was down, he was
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still moving and his hands were consoled and so they shot him more times to make sure he was dead. >> brian: the man when taught everyone to fight or kill and do it for allah had a rifle and machine gun and fire arms and they heard him he had pleny of chance to grab that. it shows what kind of lack of character he didn't live up to his own hype and training . and the cia tracker who is a female and we don't know her name . hopefully it will stay that way . we found out all of her intele, was 100 percent right and 100% sure the pacer was bin laden. >> steve: they referred to him as pacer. they could see him pacing. bret brought up one point how
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bin laden when given the chance did not go back to get a gun. they heard all of the commotion down below. why was that? >> he did have a gun but he didn't use it what do you make of that? >> i think in the end he taught a lot of people to do and martyr themselves and he master minded the 9/11 attacks but in the end he was not willing to put up a fight with the gun. that speaks for himself. >> gretchen: other people were wounded and killed in this raid one of which was bin laden's son and curiosity got the best of him and all had to do with a whisper. >> the guy in front of me sees a head pop out and disappear around the corner. it is like what and who is it?
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i don't know. he literally whispers and not yelled hey kalid . whispers kalid's name and he looked back around the edge of the hall and he shoots him . what was kalid thinking at the time? curiosity killed the cat. >> brian: kalid thought maybe he would make it out alive? i think his oldest son is there. >> steve: on the second floor . >> brian: he said this is important. this woman tracked every day five days . this goes back years and years, we only did 40 machine all of these people got up every single day and the president gave the order to kill that's great.
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postponed when but the weather was killed . the prevous and cia and intelience director along with the fbi and he played it down, do you think that he was not opening up each meeting which is the latest on bin laden. >> steve: why he saluted the unsung heros who went in the raid to kill bin laden. >> brian: they did not depoif up his name first. >> steve: one other thing that was interesting. they shot kalid. the point man saw a head pop out and shot bin laden in the head. and the point person went up in bun bin's bed room rather than shoot him again grabbed the two women. the worry was belt bombs and might try to attack the seals. the point man grabbed them in
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bear hugs thinking if they are going to detonate he would absorb it and save the team. >> gretchen: the cia agent hundred percent right feisty and unvested in this. and when she saw the body of bin laden in the bag when they got back on the aircraft she wept. imagine someone who did this 24-7 and families who lost loved ones in the hands of osama bin laden much. it is it an amazing story. >> brian: we found out the jobs numbers and knew the unemployment rate went down to 8 1. there is other numbers that stood out . the amount of people who gave up looking for a job. >> gretchen: yeah, that is the number that the president will not talk too much about. that makes the unemployment rate go down to 8.1.
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368,000 people gave up working and when you have a smaller pool of people, that means unemployment rate goes down and on the surface that looks like good news to the american people. it is really not. the concern when these numbers came out friday . we interviewed the guy who tarted -- started staples. will they dig deeper? a lot of this campaign has been successful for president obama because he's able to keep it simple, stupid and stay on the surface and use buzz words like billionaires and millionaires and class warfare. i am onering if he will say the unemployment rate goes . are percent. >> steve: talking about the unemployment, he diverted. what the president was doing yesterday. he was attacking mr. mitt
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romney and mr. ryan on their plan to fix medicare. i thought this was interesting . if the same share of americans are in the office. the actul unemployment rate would be len and half percent. underemployment figure is the number of people who have begin up working or have taken a part-time job currently at 14.7 percent. and the participation rate of people in the work force is in the lowest level in 30iers. >> brian: that goes to your point gretchen. president obama has a great shot of winning, as bill clinton said. you don't need president obama or mitt romney speak. i have to change this and i think the other guy can do it >> steve: you have a neighbor that is impacted with that.
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>> gretchen: so far the obama campaign has been successful in keeping it simple on the surface. it is up to the poem to do their own home work . june numbers. you talk about this on the show. how do numbers get revised f. you go back to unionly 45,000 jobs were added and 173,000 people enrolled in fod stamps. >> steve: the first number 45,000 is when it was reported back in june, the government said we added 64,000 jobbings. and -- jobs. the real number is bad. >> gretchen: this is what the true numbers are. you look at what the main stream media did on the night of the dnc, two of the three main net works failed to mention the unemployment rate. if you have the media working
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on the behalf of president obama and people digging boo the -- into the numbers. what gets out to the american people. >> brian: the case for firing president obama is obvious. and the case for hiring mitt romney is one to be made. >> steve: he has three debates. 11 minutes after the top of the hour. >> gretchen: breaking news story. chicago teachers are on strike for the first time in 25 years. the union and teachers failing to reach an agreement ona new contract. >> we are not far apart on compensation but are far apart on benefits. the uniis oppose tod a new teacher evaluation system. the mayor said the strike
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could have been avoided if the sides had kept talking. >> it is a trike of choice ask a strike that is unnecessary. >> gretchen: the schools will eat for the students to get lunches, but no lesson will be taught. the united states handing over control of the prison to the government afghan authorities may let the detainees go. florida police officer was killed while working as part of the president obama's motorcade. officer lawerence was waiting to shut it down. president obama offered condollences to the family. he was a 20 year veteran of
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the jupiter police department. mayor booker may be in the dog house for saying this . >> it is nauseating to the american people. booker is still getting the cold shoulder from the top democrats. according to the report. maryland governor twice refusing to help clear the field of possible. i don't know what governor maulery would be talking about when he couldn't explain whether people were better off. >> debbie wasserman shultwhere, and he is getting closer to into the good grace. >> are republicans insulting women? we'll examine it? >> and what is joe biden doing buddying up with a female biker sitting on his lap.
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what the president did may have one upped him. busy day for biden. [ mrs. hutchison ] friday night has always been all fun and games
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by the armful? by the barrelful? the carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. >> gretchen: many democrats who spoke in the convention
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accused the republicans of waging a war on woman. >> you think about it 5.7 million women are out of work. we have gone from 7 percent to 7.8 percent unemployment. i would like federal government to let me pay my own money to pay for my own contraceptives and i want more liberties. and i think that federal government trying to bring the so-call would war on women . it is a way to distract because they are not talking about their failed policy. >> gretchen: joining me is wendy long from new york . >> good morning. >> gretchen: are women voters concerned about the economy? a lot of people feel the main message was the contraception
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thing . that could be including to women . >> it was amazing to look the at the face of the democrat party and hear them talking about birth control was amazing . it was so out of touch. and the phony war on women is a manufactured issue to distract attention from the very poor record of the democrats on jobs and the economy. that is what women do care about . five million women are out of work . that doesn't count the husband and children and that's what they are concerned about. we don't have a birth control problem . we have a spending control problem in this count re. >> gretchen: is it a way to divert from the actul reality. >> as i travel around for the campaigning of the u.s.
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senate. i hear woman talk about the burdens and i don't hear them saying someone else need toz fay per my birth control pills. >> gretchen: 692,000 more women unemployed and that is unchanged and women are facing the same unemployment crisis, not just men. >> slout low a million more women are unemployed than when my opponent took control in the senate and president obama took office. >> gretchen: how is president obama and mitt romney doing with the women vote. in the last lention against john mccane he did well. what should mitt romney do in >> he is addressing himself to
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job creation. that's what women want to hear about. they will not want to hear who is paying for the birth control? they can pay for them if they have yobs . that is it a concern for them. >> gretchen: wendy long is running for the senate in new york. coming up on "fox and friends", sir sean connery gate crashing a performance? and president obama wants four more years. higher tax to obama care and a look at his plan. a debate coming up next. i was in an accident. i lost my hands, my feet.
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>> brian: chicago teachers are on trike for the first time in 25 years. joining us now in the head quarters. a bit of a surprise for all people around, correct. >> yes, absolutely. last time we had a strike in chicago was 25 years old and mayor harold washington was at the helm. you can see supporters. these are not teachers but they will be joining the toachers in the chicago public school head quarter they will send a message to the boss says when they begin the protest in a sea of red. red for a union red. 29,000 chicago toacher supporters will walk the line
3:25 am
. there will be no classes for the chicago school kid there a are not happy with the way new yorks are going. talks broke down after a intense week of negotiations. they are not happy with the evaluation system opener the buildings that are not air conditioned . it is it an ugly lesson for chicago's mayor rahm eplanual. >> brian: you are in chicago working for fox news. good enough forever - nup for us. >> it will be harder but lead to a better place. i am asking you to rally around conconcrete achievable goals and reducing our deficit and lead to new jobs and rebuilt our economy on a
3:26 am
strong foundation . that's what the next four years are about and i am running for president and need your support. >> steve: the president has not revealed many spectacular plans. what should the voters expect with another four years. here with the washington insider. christie, good morning. >> good to see you . >> steve: and republican strategist tyler harver. tyler good morning to you as well >> good morning, steve . >> steve: i upon each of you to tell me what you think president obama would do in the next four years, christ i, what will he do with taxes? >> that is the first fight we will see . the foit to extend the bush tax cuts that expire in the end of the year. president obama said he would extend them for everyone making under $250,000. >> for one year.
3:27 am
>> republicans are going to fight to extend for poem who are making over that, or put in an uncomfortable position of foiting tax cuts. >> steve: tyler. >> two certainity. death and taxes we'll get to death in a minute, but taxes is it a certainty. this president toured the country saying he is bent on raising taxes and that is what woo will expect. even to increase taxes on the middle class and increase taxes on the people that you think is wealthy. we'll see a tax incrose in an that can't handle it? >> steve: mitt romney has a plan for medicare and the president doesn't sound like he does? >> that is the other thing. death and taxes. any time you put government in
3:28 am
between you and health care, there are going to be quality issues there are a number of reports that indicated death from lack of adequate health care. we'll talk about what kind of quality that people on medicare or medicare can receive it will be reduced. >> steve: christy. >> the biggest case of the affordable care act was upheld. regardless of what republicans try to do coming up. if they control both houses. they cannot repeal it >> steve: one thing about the affordable care act, it is much more cost low and costing families more. christie with you, on the topic. what will the april do with iran and israel and iran is
3:29 am
brewing up something bad and israel wants to do something about it. >> the president said our commitment to israel's security must not waiver. that means to keep all options on the table to prevent a nuclear iran. no one wants anything to get ruined in thitted middle east. >> steve: tyler. >> this president said we are close to israel but actions showed otherwise. he has turned his back. and in the second balance. trying to strike an agreement with iran to allow them to enrich uranium. >> steve: christie and tyler that was good for everybody. nicely done on this monday morning. >> thank you for having us. >> steve: you have seen it on tv shows like csi. >> it is on the casino floor
3:30 am
now . >> what are you looking for. guys got a hit. nen percent match. 92 guy by the one armed bandit. the fbi transform how agents fight crime . we'll tell you about that. washington dc going to the dogings. dick morris is here to explain. >> brian: first happy birthday to aerosmith guitarist. he's 62. ♪ ♪ it doesn't get any better than endless shrimp at red lobster. you can mix and match all day! [ male announcer ] red lobster's endless shrimp is back... but only foa limited time! try as much as you like, any way you like! like parmesan crusted simp just $14.99. i'm ryaisabell and i sea fd differently.
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so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage thaall other networks combined. >> gretchen: team obama getting up close and personal with the vores.
3:34 am
first president obama getting a lift from a pizza owner . giving hum a giant bear hug . there were respects that van douzier visited the white house to raise awareness of donating blood. check out this photo. a female biker getting cozy with biden. >> i want your vote. >> they are looking for the blue collar vote. >> brian: i was told not to put other women on your lap. another shot. i am not buying this. we were buying >> steve: and the pizza owner asked f do you
3:35 am
mind. they say absolutely just don't care them out. >> brian: the secret allowing them to lift up the president. a small plane burst nothing a wisconsin neighborhood and happened in kansasville. the pilot was the only person on board. it closer and closer and a loud boom. >> it was a loud boom. and nose dived. i tried to reassure me and here it would go back up. >> it was a lot of black smoke. >> brian: the cause of the crash under investigation . the name of the pilot not
3:36 am
released. >> steve: and border patrol putting an end to flights that take immigrants back to mexico after being caught in the country . it was too difficult to fill the planes and justify the cost. >> gretchen: it is like a scene out of the tv show of csi. >> hello, harry. fbi ruled out the facial reck and compiling mug shots and dna and iris scans. it can compare the images of the massive databases and track surveliance footage by honing in the faces in the crowd. the cost of the problem is one billion. oscar winning actor is
3:37 am
interrupting the post news conference. there he goes. i will do what i want. mur a who is scottish said when the greatest actort of the world tells you to come up. you come up. two most famous scottsmen in the world in the same room. >> brian: right except the guy who hovs letterman. >> steve: he's down the list. little bit of rain in the napeles, florida area and action in nova scottish and maine. otherwise it is on the chilly side. look at maine, same as cleveland ask chicago in the 50s temperature wise and current low same thing for minneapolis. and then down in the midatlantic temperatures in the 50s as well. eventual low hoar in new york city we'll get up to 76
3:38 am
central plains 80 90s. and southern plains, almost a hundred in phonix arizona. you have a surprise for us, dick? the conventions are conclude we have done our laundry. you said the advantage goes to mitt romney. >> yeah, there was a bounce for roam mitt romney and the polls are not all in but there was probably a bounce for obama. what was significant to me about the convention overriding conventions. two questions that emerged from the convention that dominate the whole dialogue. are you better off now than four years ago which clinton posed. and the concept of the where the party who wants to lend you a hand and republicans say you are on your own. there was a poll on that three weeks ago gall up said do you
3:39 am
want government to leave you alone or lend you a hand. 54-35 said leave me alone. two issues with the strong majority of the country with romney and disagrees with obama. but the conventions are united together in accepting that wording. both said said bring it on. obama guys, sure we are. romney guys, no we are not. leave mow alone or give me a hand. they greeagree that that is the difference. >> gretchen: the race poll that shows obama up that is gall up and believe it was done, probably post convention. >> steve: yesterday. >> gretchen: post convention. how do you respond to that? >> steve: numbers will go up and down. you are looking at a bounce in the convention for obama. but the both parties stipulate
3:40 am
what the issues are in the race. that will dominant the media and messaging and the debates. >> brian: what about the decision for mitt romney say i like a few parts of the obama care. >> not cutting off people when they were sick and requiring cutches to cover everybody. those provisions are popular. and the republicans have always spoken about the need to have them. they could be state consummerization measures . >> steve: it is about times dubs run for president. dubs the dog. >> my actul real live in person dog. >> gretchen: hi, dubs. >> steve: you wrote a book about dubs running for president. who is your campaign message. >> he didn't hire me. he hired karl rover .
3:41 am
the point of the book is dubs goes to washington and he discovers the sites of america and that was intended to teach children about patriotism which they normally can't get. and gall up took a poll and found that dubs was on the roll. i will get americas enemies and guys who live over history. vadlimer. and hugo. be aware busa will go over there. >> steve: your poign is to get the kid toz see. >> when he's campaigning, he's the nominee of the canine runs against felix who is the nomhe y
3:42 am
debate each other and they have conventions. >> gretchen: it is perfect goes to iowa and new hampshire. he runs along side the bus. you know how he knows he wins . he is project would winner by wolf news. >> gretchen: do you and eeileen crack each other up . >> steve: dubs for president by dick morris. and clayon who is in the studio. there goes dubs. >> gretchen: bye. >> brian: remember the classic joe biden moment? >> jobbings. j-o-b-s, jobs. that was a three lettered word. the president one-upped him . >> gretchen: and fighting for our freedom. members of the military may have trouble casting for the vote. they are here next with the grim details
3:43 am
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>> steve: ahead of the anniversary of the september september attacks we are hearing that there may be relief for first responders. ty hernandez is live in new york city with more. >> that is welcome news from people who suffered from
3:46 am
cancer as a result of that toxic clean up. back then it did not cover cancer but would keep a new ear open to expand the coverage. the final decision will come down and it looks like it will be in favor of including 50 cancers. foir fights are likely to have cancers than those who didn't. but a lot of people say it is a real problem and they are happy if the decision goes forward. let's take it back to you. >> steve: ty hernandez live on ground ground on september 10th. brian over to you. ? >> brian: it is substantial
3:47 am
that conditions have acess. pete, what is the challenge this year? >> the challenge this is getting absentee ball on thes out to the military to get them back in time. well, it turns out the move back is not implemented and we still have ballots going out late if certain states are behind. and low response rates from states that are not creating a good picture. florida and colorado and ohio and virginia. florida with the highest and 6.2 and those requests are in?
3:48 am
>> brian: yes. that is an incredibly staggering low number. florida has tried to reach out to military vores and a lot of the blame calls on the pent con. we don't have the voting that we should. and they move three more times than civilians. that is a problem. >> brian: look at the difference. 166,000 requested in 08 and 12upon upon -- 55,000? >> yeah, it is a matter of priority. we have to pound on the desk and said this should be a priority. and instead the administration is suing ohio over
3:49 am
consideration for vet rans rather than looking at the larger problem and saying how to get everyone oversea to register. >> brian: in 2008 before the move act, you had 16 percent nevered ball on thes. look at 2010. 29 percent never received their ball on thes and 2012 number could be worse . >> it could be worse and it is really frustrating. i was with the office in be you of and i was in guantanamo bay, imagine of afghanistan taking on an enemy and requesting absentee ballots . >> brian: what can we do? >> we need to put pressure on the white house and the pentagon and say this is a problem and this is the most disinfranchised piece of electorate to the pentagon, why not implement.
3:50 am
if you want to do something it gets dun done. we don't have all of the offices open on the bases it is a matter of priority and they need to get on it >> brian: believe me. sounds like occupy wall street with no agendas and no way in life. it is disappointing. thank you so much. >> thank you, brian. >> brian: cand date obama promised hope and change. our next guest said it is a fraud and you are being fooled again. the 12 year old took over the wheel when his dad had a seizure on the road and it is not the first time he played hero.
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
3:54 am
>> gretchen: before president obama took office he promised to look past partisan politics. >> steve: i remember that. four years later some are coming to their senses she said. joining us with the author of "divider and gretch". it sounds like hope and change . >> gretchen: it does. it is the opposite. >> it poigns out hope and change mantra was a total fraud and he is the great divider instead. >> steve: how has the president's anti-rich policies hurt america? >> it is devastating for american. not anti-rich.
3:55 am
but pitting americans against each other and classifying us based on income. something that we don't do. there is something to be ashamed of in achieving prosperity. obama is the community organizer . he goes in and identifies an enemy and stirs the pot. he's pitted those who have not yet suck sode working hard to succeed against those who have achieved success and saying there is something wrong with the people and cheated the system as elizabeth warren points out. >> gretchen: why is obama a threat to religious freedom and first amendment, what do you mean? >> steve: obama has systemically gone after religion . he's target the first rights. largely because it gets in his way particularly on issues was religion and women and contraception instead of
3:56 am
having a decision about the insurance policies and compelling a religious organization to provide a service with which they have a fundmental disagreement. he is using it to vilify women and of faith and they get in the way of his policy of the hhs man dates that improse obama care. turning people against each other. >> brian: how do you make sense of his 55 percent approval rating. >> i don't make sense. this guy is hiding his policies and hiding the results of his policis and what he want to do by pitting americans against each other. saying those republicans they hate women. and they hate poor and middle class and saying they have no right to engage in the conversation. it is undemocratic and trying to shut down 50 percent of the people who disagree with them.
3:57 am
>> gretchen: you believe in hope and change was a fraud. >> it was a fraud. >> gretchen: he did that on purpose to the american people. >> absolutely. he was elected not because of expertise but because of the ability to unify and he's done the opposite. >> steve: check out the book divider in chief. >> brian: three minutes before the top. hour. rememberlet classic joe biden moment. three-lettered-word. jobs. j-o-b-s. >> brian: the president gave him a run for his money. >> gretchen: and agency telling employees how to vote, really? ♪ any way you want. fully customize it for your trading process -- from thought to trade, on every screen. and all in real time. which makes it just like having your own trading floor,
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4:00 am
that should do it. enjoy your new shower. [ door opens, closes ] >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. it is monday, september 10, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing part of your day with us. inside the osama bin laden killing, one of the navy seals who was inside that compound and actually took shots at osama bin laden has details you haven't heard before, like how much of a coward bin laden really was. >> brian: then mitt romney making his vision on obamacare clear. he'll keep some of it? we'll let him explain. >> steve: remember this classic joe bidenism? >> three letter word j-o-b-s. >> steve: now the president, his boss, having some math trouble of his own. we'll play that sound bite as well.
4:01 am
"fox & friends" hour two for monday starts right now. >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. hope you had a good weekend. we're back on the curve couch and analyzing this interview. we heard a lot about this book coming out from up with of the navy seals who was part of the team that took down osama bin laden. now he gave a full hour interview. i believe it will be the only interbrew, in total disguise. this is hollywood make-up. this is not what he looks like. his voice has also been altered. he really gave a blow by blow account of how it went down. >> brian: he said it's the only interview he'll give. this is it, it's out there. he said he did it over the course of two months at which time they kept his identity anonymous and that has changed. he's coming forward and talk in
4:02 am
detail about the actual operation and how much could have went wrong, even down to the point the way the chopper crashed, he could have been dead. he was sitting outside the chopper when it started going down abruptly examine if the bottom -- if the back rotor didn't land squarely on the wall, if it even went off to the side, the whole thing would have dumped. he believes the other team had enough guys to take bin laden out anyway. >> steve: sure. and what happened was this fellow whose name is not mark owen, but that is the name on the book that he has written that comes out tomorrow called "no easy day," they flew in on two helicopters, two blackhawks to the compound and had a plan. but when the first chopper crashed, they had to ad lib. one of the first things that happened was his team, mr. owen's team, had to go in and neutralize one outbuilding. there was some firing through a door and so they knew that the people inside the compound were armed. so when they went upstairs to the second floor and a c.i.a.
4:03 am
analyst had told them that she thought that bin laden's son was living on the second floor, that's the name, khalid, that the point man was able to whisper because he saw a head dart in and out and then he simply whispered, and the curiousity got the best of him. >> the guy in front of me sees a head pop out ask disappear real quick around the corner. who is it? what do you think? i don't know. he literally whispers, not yelling, not anything, he whispers, khalid, khalid. whispers his name. doesn't know if it's khalid or not. khalid literally looks back around the edge of the hall and shoots him. what was he thinking at that time? look around the corner, curiousity killed the cat. i guess khalid, too. >> gretchen: another interesting thing is the same thing happened
4:04 am
to osama bin laden himself. so he knew this raid was going on for a good 20 minutes. he had firearms up in the room with him. when they approached him, he also put his head out. he was taken out, but not completely. they wanted to be sure that they had actually killed who they believed to be osama bin laden. and he was still moving a slight bit, so the author of this book also fired shots into osama bin laden. >> he did have a gun, but he didn't use it and i wonder what you make of that. >> i think in the end he taught a lot of people to do -- martyr themselves and he masterminded the 9-11 attacks. but in the end, he wasn't evenle to roger up himself with a gun examine put up a fight. i think that speaks for itself. >> brian: looking down at a model they named examine they worked in a life -- and they worked in a mockup of this
4:05 am
compound. all those rumors of we knew we were training for something, we didn't know who, wrong. they said we think we got bin laden, we think you guys are the team to do it. i know you got back from afghanistan, but go to north carolina and train on it. >> steve: here is this tall guy laying on the top floor dead. one guy said, i wasn't -- mr. owen said, the beard wasn't gray. this beard was dark. so what they did was they talked to a couple of the people there, one of the seals called one of the kids and said, who is that? they said, osama. osama bin laden and brought in a woman. who is that? osama bin laden. so that was confirmation. but at the same time, they also took some dna samples and they had two sets of them so that they could set out both sets and photographs as well on two different choppers so that if the body went down, god forbid and killed everybody on board, they would still have the dna evidence. look, this is the guy we got in
4:06 am
that compound. >> gretchen: can you imagine if you've been hiding out osama bin laden for at least five years, they think he was at this compound, but he's on the run for more than ten years, then wouldn't you be a little suspect of somebody saying that's osama, just because you asked them, is that osama bin laden? >> brian: the way they did it, it was jean justice. they asked the kid and said who is that can the kid -- and the kid said it's him. is this they pack him up and could not believe how much stuff they had. they kept packing and packing and packing. just made me wonder how much more we could have gotten had we not made the announcement four hours later if we kept our mouths shut because we probably knew where every single one of them was. the other thing is how long the c.i.a. guys through administrations have been tracking him. nobody gave the order to track him. that was their job. makes it pretty obvious that anybody, i think almost anybody would have made that decision to go in. it's a pacer. the c.i.a. tells me it's 100%?
4:07 am
who else wouldn't have done that? >> gretchen: the interesting story he it is is about the fee male c.i.a. officer or whatever it is, that for five years, every single day, 24/7, all she did was track osama bin laden. she told them that she was 100% sure that the pacer, that's what they're calling him because he would go outside and pace around, that that was him examine he was in there examine when they brought the body back to her on the aircraft, she openly wept because it was mission accomplished for her and so many others. >> brian: and all america. we have 9-11 tomorrow and is unbelievable. he went back to 9-11 examine closed the circumstance -- and closed the circle. let's talk about politics now. who will be the next president of the united states? i was surprised that it seemed like this is not something he stumbled on. governor romney made it clear yesterday, i'm not going to get rid of all healthcare reform. i like some of it, including preexisting conditions, that carrying over, and i like the fact that you can stay on your
4:08 am
parents' family plan if you wanted to. listen. >> i'm not getting rid of all of healthcare reform. of course, there are a number of things i like in health it is care reform that i'm gog put in place. one is make sure those with preexisting conditionget coverage. two is assure the marketplace allows for individuals to have policies that cover their family up to whatever age they might like. >> gretchen: the two most important -- these are the most popular parts of obamacare. the republicans probably -- agreed, they could have found compromise. one thing left out was tort reform. i think that's where romney would take in that direction, keeping some of these very few things, in effect. >> steve: he's made it very clear he still l romney, wants to get rid of obamacare on day one. but there would be some holdups. >> brian: the thing is, he just invites the conversation so how are you paying for it? the insurance company got to bite the bull and extend their coverage to the 26-year-old. they're supposed to stay in business that way? how are you paying for the
4:09 am
preexisting conditions? these are two things that are popular, but they got to be relevant. >> steve: they say it will pay for self. >> brian: you got to expand the conversation. i can't believe he wanted to, it behooves him to expand that conversation. that's what i found surprising. >> gretchen: maybe the inner polling was showing the majority of people don't like obamacare, but like those tenets within it, so this is a bit of playing politic here's to appeal. here is a fox news alert, overnight chicago teachers going on strike for the first time in 25 years. now more from chicago public school headquarters with the very latest. what's going to happen to all the kids today? >> right now some of them are going to be going to temporary locations, calling it a safe haven program. so a lot of the kids will go to church examines park district building -- and park district buildings. behind me live right now are some of the protesters at the
4:10 am
headquarters. these aren't even teachers. these are supporters. we expect to see hundreds if not thousands of those teachers wearing their red union shirts because there are 29,000 who will be walking the picket line at 57,000 kids staying home electric school. this is an ugly lesson for mayor rahm emanuel, the first strike in 25 years here in chicago. teachers upset about teacher evaluation program that the school district wants to implement. they say there is no air conditioning in some of the building. they're upset about the class size. some of the things are really sticking points for these teachers. they're not happy. they had intense negotiations over the weekend. their result was not what they wanted. that is why they are working the picket line and later this morning action we'll see a number of those out here talking about this live. but the last time we had a strike was in 1987 and it wasn't mayor daly. it was mayor harold washington. reporting live from chicago, fox news, back to you. >> gretchen: feel bad for those
4:11 am
kids today. thanks so much. now to your headlines. big development overnight in afghanistan. the united states officially handing over formal control of bagram prison to afghanistan's government. the prison houses hundreds of prisoners suspected of fighting for the taliban. the u.s. reportedly fears afghan authorities may just let some of those detainees go. so the u.s. will retain custody of nearly 50 of those inmates accused of fighting for the taliban. the plant in michigan will open its doors at the ford only manufacturer. the plant used to make mazdas and fords. mazda production ended last month because the ford motor company is investing $550 million in revamping the plant to produce the new ford fusion and it says 1200 jobs are being created as a result. ahead in the anniversary of the september 11 terrorist attacks, there could be some relief for first responders and people who lived near ground zero when it all happened. the "new york post" is reporting that the federal government will add 50 types of cancer to the list of illnesses covered by the
4:12 am
compensation act. they're said to be new evidence linking the toxic dust from the rubble to the cancers. initially only a short list of illnesses qualified for compensation. 12-year-old being hailed a hero after his father suffers a seizure while driving on a highway. his little sister was also in the car at the time. he quickly jumped into action and grabbed the wheel. >> i turned the car into the brake down lane and shut it off and cruised a little bit until the car stopped. i told my sister to get way back. i opened the door and stood right next to the guardrail. >> gretchen: he sounds calm for all that. that's when he called the police. his father was taken to the hospital. he's said to be in good condition. this isn't the first time he's been a hero. he tried to put out a fire that destroyed his family's home when he was only six years old. >> brian: that kid is going to be a firefighter. >> steve: doing well. straight ahead on this monday morning, the president pushing americans to let him, quote, finish what he started.
4:13 am
who really started america on the road to recovery? does george w. bush and the federal reserve deserve some of the credit? the answer is yes. >> brian: then she took home gold in london, but her personal life is being rocked by scandal. tia in a madison's parents are suing her. oh, boy [ sniffs ] bacon?! gotta get that bacon! baco! bacon! smokey bacon, meaty bacon, tasty bacon!
4:14 am
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4:16 am
>> steve: quarter after the top of the hour on this monday morning. the obama campaign trying to sell the president's reelection bid on the premise that he, president obama, saved america from an economic disaster. >> the recovery act saved or created millions of jobs. >> general motors and chrysler were literally on the verge of liquidation. if the president didn't act, if he didn't act immediately, there wouldn't be any industry left to save. >> this is the president who saved the american auto industry from extinction. >> he organized the rescue. he made the tough calls and he saved the american auto industry! >> steve: great sound bite. but not exactly true. joining us now from washington, d.c. is peter, economist and
4:17 am
professor of international business at the university of maryland. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: we've heard the president and his party take credit for saving the financial system, but that simply is not true. he didn't do it, did he? >> no, he didn't. most of the steps that were taken to deal with the crisis were taken by the bush treasury department, secretary paulson, the tarp was created before the election. by the federal reserve, which took action with regard to bear & stearns, citigroup and other banks. all that was put in place before the president took the oath of office. since then, he's done a lot of things to make the system worse. dodd frank is pinning down small banks, look to go sell out so they dewpoint make loans and a lot of the sharp practices that we all abhor on wall street continue unawe baited. >> steve: so the tarp program was started in 2008 before the president became president. gm and chrysler were put on the federal dole with bush who cut the check for $17 billion in december before obama took
4:18 am
office. the federal reserve did so much of the heavy lifting, can president obama take credit for any of it? >> no, i don't think so. he did some positive things, but most of all he did negative things. what happened on wall street was because star baines oxley, the accounting reform law wasn't working properly. instead of fixing that, he ladled on dodd frank. you see what we've got, banks that can't make mortgages or small business loans, looking to sell themselves out. so the big banks are acquiring them examine they're getting even bigger and more bigger too big to fail. things are getting worse in new york, not better. that's why the economy is not recovering. he completely blew it with general motors. president bush took the largest steel companies, two of the largest three steel companies without giving them massive subsidies. mr. obama took the tarp money, used it as a slush fund to pay off his union pals. >> steve: when you hear jennifer
4:19 am
granholm say that he, barak obama, saved the car companies, that's just not true? >> democrats take credit for all good things that happen and blame all the problems of the world, including the cold winter on republicans. it just ain't so. >> steve: all right. professor, back in school now at the university of maryland. sir, thanks for dropping by. >> take care. >> steve: all right. now you know. 19 minutes after the top of the hour. remember when the vice president said this? >> three letter word, jobs j-o-b-s. >> steve: oh, we remember. president obama may have just one upped mr. biden on that one. then, vote democrat or lose your job? government agency accused of telling employees how to pull the lever. that's straight ahead losing weight clicked for me when i had everything
4:20 am
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4:23 am
>> steve: time for your news by the numbers. first, $18 billion, that's how much stock in aig, the treasury department is planning to sell. it will make the government then a minority owner in aig nor the first time since 2008. next, 3.83. that's the average price for a gallon of gas across the united states. the pain at the ump up nearly 8 cents in the last two weeks and a whopping 17 cents from last year. last, zero. jp penny offering a free kids hair cuts oven sundays starting november 4. 1.6 million people took advantage of a free hair cut promotion in august. gretch, over to you.
4:24 am
>> gretchen: thanks very much. did the faa break the law by telling its employees how to vote? fox news has obtained an e-mail from an faa employee describing a meeting where their supervisor said this. if -- could be looking at as much as a 15% cut in budget and we may be looking at furloughs. in short, if the republicans win office, our jobs may be affected. if the democrats win office, then our jobs would not be. now there are calls for an investigation. i'm joined by dan epstein, executive director of cause of action, whose group uncovered these allegations. good morning to you. >> good morning. thanks for having me nonresponsive this happened in seattle a couple months ago. some of the employees saw it as a red flag. they were wondering if they didn't vote in the way in which that e-mail said they should, they might lose their jobs, right? >> yeah. that's right. cause of action is a group that's out there fighting corruption in government and exposing waste, fraud and
4:25 am
mismanagement. and ultimately what we found was that at some point of may 23, john hickey and ray towels, both senior officials in the faa at the department of transportation, went to the seattle regional office for a -- nothing that was anything political, but they within there and they ultimately talked about politics and they said that if the staff there did not vote for democrats in november, that ultimately their budget would be cut and people would lose their jobs. our investigation reveals that federal employees at the faa believed that their jobs may be at risk on the way that they voted and they ultimately blew the whistle on that. >> gretchen: federal employees, but but it's also a federal offense, is it not? >> that's right. there is something called the hatch act which insures that there is a separation between policy and politicses. what cause of action found is ultimately ray and john in advocating that certain federal
4:26 am
employees vote a certain way appear to have been violating that act. but it's not just that. it turns out that beyond the hatch act, there may be what are called prohibited personnel practices when you essentially condition employment on the way people vote or on the way people act in a certain way, and then finally, there may be voter intimidation involved here. there may be coercion, threats, other sorts of things that most prosecutors would consider election crimes. >> gretchen: here is the faa's statement, the response to the allegations: the faa takes hatch act violation allegations serious will he and will cooperate full key with any review of the but i know you're asking for an inspector general, you're asking the justice department to do something about this? >> that's right. cause of action has sent a letter to the inspector general for the department of transportation and ultimately we're concerned because we know that the office of special counsel, which is the agency that's in charge of investigating hatch act
4:27 am
violations, investigating employee discrimination or retaliation claims is ultimately not with the same level of independence that an inspector general office has. we're looking to make sure that an investigation happens as soon as possible, that this investigation does not get stalled by anyone in the administration and that ultimately we get truth. >> gretchen: i got to run u about do you believe that it was only the seattle office? >> the likelihood is that there may be a number of offices that were affected and ultimately, this may be something that's not just limited to the faa. the white house political staff may have ultimately instructed them to do this. >> gretchen: very interesting. dan epstein, executive director, cause of action. thanks for bringing this up. >> thanks for having me. >> gretchen: 9-11 memorial being treated more like a playground now? tourists caught sitting and climbing on it. does something need to be done here? a 9-11 first responder joins us. then the president's top money man says don't worry about the hundreds of thousands of people who stopped look for work. they're just going back to
4:28 am
school. donald trump is our money man, so does he buy it? he joins us right after the break. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you engineer a true automotive breakthrough? ♪ you give it bold, new styling, unsurpassed luxury, and nearly 1,000 improvements.
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4:31 am
and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. >> gretchen: time for your shot of the morning. check out what's lighting up the china reno, nevada. these wowing the crowds. it's part of the great reno balloon race where 100 balloons took flight. what a beautiful sight that is. >> steve: i wonder how many people wound up dialing reno 911 when they saw that. >> brian: would why you be in a balloon if you could fly? >> gretchen: if you could be in a jet pack -- >> brian: no, not a jet pack. if you can get a plane, why use a balloon? didn't we get past balloons? >> gretchen: some do it for enjoyment. >> steve: airplanes are more directional. >> brian: you can make excuses. now quick look at headlines. plane crashes in a neighborhood and bursts into flames examine moments right after caught on camera. it happened in kansasville,
4:32 am
wisconsin. the pilot the only person on board did he not survive. witnesses say they could hear the plane coming closer and closer and then, boom! >> something was going wrong and it was a very high pitched whining and then just nose dived. >> i was trying to reassure me and her, no, it's going to loop back up and it just didn't. >> we've seen a lot of black smoke, lot of white smoke. it was just a lot of smoke. >> brian: wow. the cause of the crash under investigation. >> steve: meanwhile, that dark mass hovering over phoenix, arizona, that thing right there, a dust cloud. strong winds kicking up dirt and blanketing the city. the dust making it so hard for drivers to see many were forced to pull over until it passed. luckily there are no reports of any accidents due to the giant dust in the wind. >> gretchen: all that's gold does not glitter apparently. tiana madison won a gold medal in the to four by 100-meter
4:33 am
relay. soon after, her parents filed a lawsuit claiming she is spreading lies about them in the media. madison said her parents are selfish bullies and they mismanaged her money, but mom and dad say they've been loving and supportive. they want $25,000 each in damages. hmm. >> brian: remember when joe biden made this blunder? >> three letter word j-o-bhs. >> brian: president obama giving him a run for his money. >> with three proud words, made in the usa. >> brian: a little different. so there is his new 57 states. >> steve: i about the he meant made in america, which he has said in the past. donald trump is a proud american examine joins us now. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: so both the conventions, each the parties wound up with their candidates getting bumps.
4:34 am
what do you make of it? >> the democrats got a much bigger bump, unfortunately. and they ran a very good convention. let's face it. i think the republican convention, first of all, was hurt by the hurricane or lack of hurricane, hurricane never really hit heavy in tampa. but i guess they had to do what they do. but the fact is that the democrats gave a great convention. there is no question about it. >> gretchen: what do you make of the media coverage? or you're looking at it straightforward if you watched fox or prime time coverage on the networks? >> i think no matter what happens, the democrats were going to be given a marks and et cetera. but they did run a very good convention and i think frankly, i would have liked to have seen sarah palin speak. i would have liked to have seen some people speak that weren't invited to speak. and i think the republicans did not have the right speakers. they had a lot of people that people say, who are they? >> gretchen: are you talk being yourself? because you were supposed to be there to give a surprise. >> my day got knocked out. we had a great surprise.
4:35 am
i won't say what it was, but we had a great surprise. my day got knocked out with the hurricane. but i think sarah palin should have spoken. i think others should have spoken, frankly. and i think the republicans hurt themselves a little bit. it wasn't the same. now, i have to tell you, i wanted it to be galveston county i thought clint actually -- i'm in the minority, because he just got absolutely killed. >> steve: he did. >> but i thought did he a good job. he was having fun up there. he was doing a good job and people love clint. so i think the voters are going to respond to clint. but i thought he did a good job. they absolutely killed him. the so-called liberal media. what they did to clint was disgraceful. >> brian: how about this? the governor -- governor remain knee was supposed to do something. you know him well now, he was supposed to define himself and let people know he is. was he effective at that? >> i think he was. and i think that he made a nice speech. i think ann romney was absolutely fantastic. she was a star. she did great. i'm not surprised at all because
4:36 am
i've gotten to know her. she's fantastic. i also think michelle obama did a very good job. there were a lot of very good jobs, but i think the democrats had more appropriate people to the party than the republicans did. >> steve: there was also bill clinton who gave a great if not very long speech on behalf of the current president. >> he did. >> steve: the day after the president gave his speech, donald, and by all accounts, the president flat in comparison to some of the soaring rhetoric that we've heard in the past, the day after, out pops the jobs number and it just couldn't be worse for the white house.6,000d 368,000 people left the hunt for jobs. for every job created, four people dropped out. the economic news couldn't get worse for the president. >> right. it was a bad report. it was a very bad report, was not covered as badly and as -- the way it should have been, but frankly, i'm listening to made
4:37 am
in america or made in the usa, regardless of what he's saying, why isn't he doing something about china? he never attacks china. he's not stopping the problem of china. and he just doesn't do it. you're going to have the real job numbers are 20%. 18 to 20%. could even 21%. they're not 8.1%. you have unemployment that's rampant and the problem is china and other countries. >> gretchen: could it also be that according to one of his advisors, that a lot of those people, the 368,000 who flat out stopped looking for work, that they're all going back to school? let's listen. >> if you look over the last year, the unemployment rate is down a full percentage point and most of that is from people getting new jobs. it's not from a reduction in the labor force. i think the fact that some people are choosing to go to school and that shows up in the data at the end of the summer is not a big surprise.
4:38 am
>> gretchen: you agree with that? >> wow, that's beauty. when you hear that. look, they've given up and then they get taken off the rolls. i don't understand. they give up on jobs. they give up almost on some of them, give up on the country because when you look at it, they're actually giving up on the country and they're saying it. and then they take them off the rolls and it makes it look like we're doing better. school is so little as a percentage. it's unbelievable. they're not going to back to school. they're going to noah a room and they're -- into a room and crying. >> brian: yesterday governor romney said listen, my plan will cut tax rates by 20%. but we will not have to increase -- we'll get an increase in revenue from growth. here he is yesterday talking more about his plan. let's listen. >> you've called the debt and our deficit a moral crisis and yet, in addition to extending the bush tax cut, you want to cut tax rates an additional 20%. you rejected o ten to one spending ratio when it comes to spend to go increasing taxes,
4:39 am
and yet, you want to balance the budget. the math doesn't add up, does it? >> actually it does. the good news is that five different economic studies, including one at harvard and princeton and aei and a couple at the "wall street journal" all show that if we bring down our top rates and actually go across the board, bring down russell yates rates for everyone in -- rates for everyone in america, you can keep the progressivity in the code, remain revenue few neutral and create an incentive for growth in the economy. >> brian: you may he made his case in. >> he's got to make his case. you have to cut expenses and you can't raise taxes. that's basically what he's saying. you're going to cut taxes and cut expenses and you can do it. one thing i have to tell the republicans they've got to get tougher, if they don't get tough, they're not going to win. >> brian: give me an example of tough. how do you get tough? >> well, i think there are a lot of ways of getting tough. i think they're pandering to obama. i think they're being so nice to obama, it's unbelievable.
4:40 am
and john mccain made that mistake. he absolutely made that mistake. and they're just afraid to attack this man and he should be attacked. if you look at the job he's done and the lousy job he's done as president, he should be attacked. they're afraid to attack him and it's disgraceful and i won't even get into specifics. but there are many specifics. >> brian: one of the premises of the question was it seems as though the underpinnings of the economy are good, very good. donald trump, do you see the underpinnings of the economy the foundation as very good? >> david gregory is a total advocate and he should almost be paid, but david gregory an advocate as many other people are, frank hoe, for obama. so he puts the question that way, he phrases the question that way and frankly, it's disgraceful. i watched the interview and it was disgraceful if you want to know the truth. i think the questions and the tone were ridiculous. but david gregory is an obama
4:41 am
advocate. >> gretchen: donald, one of the reasons, i think, that romney and ryan decided at least at the convention to not individually attack president obama -- ryan did a little more than romney -- is because i think they had heard from their strategic teams that they really need to do do outreach to the independents and that the independents may be don't want to hear those brazen attacks. would you agree with that? >> their team is wrong. they are wrong. you've got to attack obama. you've got to attack him strongly. you've got to talk about what a horrible job he's to go as president. they're afraid to attack him. don't want to to be called racist because any time you say anything bad about obama, you get called a racist. bill clinton was called a racist and there is nobody less than a racist than bill clinton. i know him well. they don't want to be called racist or attack him and if they don't attack him, guess what? they're not going to win the election. >> steve: donald trump with alleges advice for the romney team. thank you very much. have a great week.
4:42 am
>> thank you very much. >> gretchen: coming up, many say leaving god out of the democratic platform was just a big mistake. was jerusalem left out on purpose? where does the administration really stand on israel? democrat joe trippi joins us next. >> steve: then are the days of billy madison over? not according to these kids. wait until you hear how many kids are expecting their parents to hand them a hefty inheritance. >> brian: is that the premise of billy madison? >> steve: yeah. >> the aflac trivia question of the day, this guy has been called one of the greatest players of all time and has a drink named after him. who is he? be the first and get an answer. snapple [ male announcer ] when this hotel added aflac
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4:45 am
at >> brian: quick headlines. university professors in greece joining the string of protests against the pay cuts in a new austerity plan. they'll trike -- strike for two days. and we can't all be born into rich families like the great billy madison.
4:46 am
>> hey carl, what's up? >> nothing much, billy. i see you got a little sun today. >> yeah, you think so? >> i was sitting by the pool. >> can i keep watching. >> brian: in the movie, he went back to school to earn his inheritancistence. a new study finds 40% of americans expect to get one from their parents, despite the poor economy. as a result, they aren't saving for retirement. can't wait, my mom has got a lot of money. >> gretchen: how did you rate billy madison as a movie? >> brian: great movie. >> gretchen: just checking. thank you so much. on abc news this week, "washington post" columnist george will criticized the democrats for initially leaving out the language recognizing jerusalem as the capitol of israel. >> removing the capitol of israel was an act of commission. you go out on the street of any american city, you go out in
4:47 am
newark, stop someone and say, what is the capitol of delaware, vermont, and israel? some people will know dover. some are going to know month pill yea. everyone except the american state department knows that the capitol of israel is jerusalem. >> gretchen: later they changed course. so will that hurt democrats among jewish voters now? >> steve: here with his thoughts, former campaign manager to howard dean, joe trippi, who probably caught up on his sleep over the weekend. we had an exhausting two weeks, didn't we, joe? >> yeah. it's great to see you guys back on the curvy couch. >> steve: good to be here. this was really dumb what, your party did with the platform. >> i don't think so at all. look, did she. >> steve: what? >> the problem is that both parties believe that the jerusalem is the capitol of israel. the problem is that the government of the united states in both -- all parties administrations, bush and clinton and since, have said
4:48 am
that it is -- not that it isn't, but that it should be decided by both parties. that's because as a government, we want to be an honest broker in -- all the big peace events that happened in the middle east have been produced by american presidents who let both parties make that decision. >> gretchen: okay. >> that's what's going on. >> gretchen: you can have a crack on this because the delegates who were taking the vote about when it was going to be reinstated sounded to me like you didn't really get a two-thirds yay vote. so if it were up to the democratic delegates, they wouldn't want jerusalem as a capital of israel. >> i think there was a dispute about that. but look, the republican party this time took out its clause that said that we were going to move our embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. they took that clause out right now in tampa and they also took out a clause that jerusalem should not be a divided city.
4:49 am
both parties were trying to get to -- it's a difference between the policyic -- politics of the parties versus the governing policies of the nation and both parties were struggling with that and there were people in both parties who had decided views about it. >> steve: then why do they spend months figuring out what the platform is? because this was a completely self-inflicted wound taking god out, taking jerusalem out. they didn't have to do that! >> steve, absolutely agree with you there. these things are normally decided and caught way before the time you get to the convention. this was a self-inflicted wound. yes, there will be a political consequence -- >> gretchen: will it affect the jewish vote? >> i don't think so. i just don't get a sense -- i think most in the jewish community who understand the politics and the policy of this will understand what this was
4:50 am
about. >> steve: it was a crazy couple of days. joe trippi, always a pleasure, thank you very much. and thanks for being our traveling companion over the last two weeks. >> thanks. >> gretchen: coming up on the show, the 9-11 memorial being treated more like a playground now? tourists caught sitting and climbing on it. does something need to be done here? 9-11 first responder joins us next. >> steve: first, this day in history in 1998, "i don't want it miss a thing "by aerosmith number one in america. ♪ i don't want to miss a thing ♪ ♪ sh your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8... vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. ♪ [ acou[ barks ]ar: slow ]
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>> brian: arnold palmer is the answer for our aflac trivia
4:54 am
question. ♪ as approach the marking of the 9-11 attack, some of the victims' families members and first responders are speak out, angry tourists have turned the 9-11 memorial site to a playground. our next guest was so upset she wrote a letter to the president of the memorial to see if anything could get done about this. joining us is mary ann, retired ems for the fire department of new york and first responder during the 9-11 attacks. mary ann, you wasn't down there and what did you see? >> i saw tourists leaning against the tablets of all the names that were engraved of those that died and leaning on them like they were kitchen tables, drinking from coffee cup, moms lifting children with their behinds on the tablets. i was very emotionally moved by that. i thought it was complet disrespectful and inappropriate. >> brian: how does that happen when there are rules everywhere from you can't cross at the right time.
4:55 am
but how is 9-11 allowed to be bedlam or a playground is this. >> i think maybe there is mismanagement or maybe a little laxidaisical, attention may be not being paid as much as it should be. there seemed to have been a disconnect. i don't recall seeing signs there that said no sitting on the tablets, no leaning on the tablets. the only time those people were moved was had a worker had seen that i was having trouble with the behavior of the tourists and actual lea had them removed. >> brian: you got really upset? >> i was extremely emotional. that's what attracted the employee over to me to see what he could do to help. >> brian: what do you mean by emotional? >> i started to cry. i couldn't understand how -- >> brian: you have friends there who are commemorated down there? >> right. that's really what made me -- these, to me, the names on the tablets weren't just names. these were friends, family, people who had lives, who have stories and they were being desecrated, in my opinion, by having children sit on them. >> brian: you did research and
4:56 am
said what do they do at pearl harbor and washington at the war memorial. what did you find out? >> i was frustrated that i thought maybe new york city wasn't aware or had not done that research to find out what exactly to do to run their memorial. so i did call valor in the pacific, uss arizona in hawaii, spoke with a gentleman to find out what exactly they do because they've been doing this longer than we have. and i asked him what process he's worked, how do you mitigate these types of issues where tourist, both american and foreign, are disrespectful in a place that is a grave or living tomb. he explained that they actual will he have an education procedure in process where they set the tone or the atmosphere before the tourists walk into the memorial so that they understand exactly what happens. this happened a long time ago. many people weren't alive. we have that same thing here. so if you give them a five-minute brief video just to say hey, this is what happened. this is how you should carry yourself, that should be
4:57 am
appropriate. >> brian: a lot of it is just ignorance. not arrogance or looking to be disrespectful. a lot of this is people don't understand. it's hot, they put their water in the waterfall. thank you for joining us and i know it will be an emotional at this tomorrow. >> thank you. >> brian: three minutes before the top of the hour. coming up, beauty versus brains. guys, which one do you prefer? ask yourselves. the results of a new survey are up next. then, flashback to 2004. here is president obama criticizing president george w. bush for claiming victory on the economy. >> i've been traveling, too, all over this large and diverse state in cities and suburbs, down state and upstate, i've heard from people who say it's way too early to claim victoryre when it comes to --im >> i just discovered 'tis tryst kits taste great [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people are choosing advil® for their headaches.
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>> gretchen: good morning. today is monday, september 10, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time today. hope you're gonna have a great week. one of osama bin laden's shooters is speaking out. the navy seal who was inside that compound with details you haven't heard before, like how one word whispered that night led them straight to geronimo. >> steve: breaking news from chicago as mayor rahm emanuel focuses on the president's reelection. teachers in his town have gone on strike. first time in decades. >> brian: the biggest story in america, but the president won't talk about it. the truth behind the stunning unemployment numbers. by the way, we're 56 days and counting and we are the home of
5:01 am
the 2012 election. >> steve: now that the conventions are passed in our rearview mirror, you can do the election -- >> brian: i'm think being it. we still have three debates. october 3. then a sprint to the finish. >> gretchen: four if you include the vp one, october 11. i figured out your new pattern with election. >> brian: which is? >> gretchen: when you choose to do it, you're choosing to jew dishesly, you only do it in the 8:00 a.m. eastern hour. >> brian: that's what i'm thinking. >> steve: i feel sorry for the people in the 6:00 o'clock hour. they have no idea there is any e-election coming. >> brian: maybe they should stick around. stop bailing out early. >> steve: three hours early, that's all we ask. >> gretchen: let's kick off your monday with headlines because we have a fox news alert.
5:02 am
chicago teachers are on strike for the first time this morning in 25 years. the union and school district officials failing to reach an agreement on a new contract. why? >> we're not far apart on compensation. however, we are apart on benefits. we want to maintain the existing health benefits. >> gretchen: isn't that what we're really discussing right now about a lot of different things? the union strongly opposed to a new teacher evaluation system. chicago mayor rahm emanuel saying a strike could have been avoided if the two sides had just kept talking. >> because this is a strike of choice and because of how close we are, it is a strike that is unnecessary. >> gretchen: school officials will open more than 140 schools so children can eat lunch and breakfast in a district where many children receive free meals. however, they're not really going to school. they'll go too these buildings because a lot of these parents work, but they aren't going to be learning any. let us know what you think about
5:03 am
that. new video in, the united states officially handing over control now of bagram prison to the afghany government. the prison houses hundreds of prisoners systemed of fighting for the texas a & m. the u.s. fears afghan authorities may just let some of these detainees go. so the u.s. will retain custody of nearly 50 inmates. only 50 accused of fighting for the taliban. ahead of the anniversary of the september 11 terrorist attacks, some help on the way for first responders and those who live near ground zero. the federal government expected to add 50 types of cancer to the list. there is reportedly new evidence linking the tockic dust from the rubble to the earn. initially only a short list of illnesses qualified for compensation. take a look at this video of bison charging at group of kids at yellowstone national park. it chases one child around the bend. on the video, it sounds like the adults are encouraging the kids
5:04 am
to get a closer look at the beast while they keep a safe distance. the west yellowstone chamber of commerce condemned it, saying the people are lucky they didn't get hurt. >> brian: is that crazy! >> gretchen: it's a wild animal. >> brian: you should look out for bison. >> gretchen: and everything else >> brian: one time i went to adventure examine one of the monkeys brought my antenna. >> steve: on your transcystor radio? >> brian: no. >> gretchen: on your car? why was your toyota celica near a monkey? why were you driving a toyota? >> brian: i know. it was really good. it cost me 220. i had to drive through the park. that's where you go through the zoo. >> steve: dana is from the wild west. >> my grandfather would is said, get your rear end out of the way. but maybe not as, you know. >> steve: let's talk a little politics. the president of the united states got a gigantic dose of
5:05 am
really bad news in the form of unemployment numbers that came out on friday, the day after his big speech down there in charlotte. only 96,000 jobs added. unemployment at 8.1%. the underemployment rate, which we didn't put right there, is close to 15%. 368,000 people stopped looking for work. >> another way i like to explain this to people is that for every net new job that was created, four people left the work force. you can not grow and sustain an economy and pay for the types of programs that we have promised to people with that type of participation rate in the work force. so i thought on friday morning that the media had done a pretty good job of explaining that even though the unemployment rate went down from 8.3% to 8.1%, it's only because all these people left the work force. >> gretchen: you think the american people get that message, 'cause i think if people are not paying 100% close attention, they see 8.3 to 8.1 and they go, oh, yippy,
5:06 am
unemployment rate down. >> it's hard for me to say if people really do because i follow everything so closely and i am reading every little bit of information. but because the economy is the most important thing to everybody and it affects them personally, i think they're paying a lot more attention than before. so even though you could have the three nightly newscasts brush over that fact and yesterday all the political news was about great big bear hugs or the wonderful biker lady sitting on joe biden's lap, none of that is going to solve any of our economic problems. >> brian: flashback, years before you met greg gutfeld, 2004, here is then senator obama talking about president bush and gaining just 300,000 jobs in the economy. listen. >> for the past few weeks, president bush and members of his administration traveled the nation to celebrate recent improved economic statistics. well, i've been traveling, too, all over this large and diverse state in cities and suburb, down
5:07 am
state, i heard from people who say it's way too early to claim victory when it comes to our economy. after three dismal years of job loss, we all welcome encouraging statistics. for most americans, the health of our economy is measured in a different and more personal way. if i lose my job, where will i find one that pays asle and offers real benefits? >> tape, audio tape. it's not necessarily a politician's best friend if they're inconsistent. he wasn't in the united states senate at that point. he was a state senator. he would come off his convention speech at the dnc. it is amazing how with a straight face on friday they say, no, we're good. 30 consecutive months of job growth. when president bush said 52 consecutive months of job growth they said it was dismal examine not -- actually called government spending unpatriotic. so inconsistency is unattractive
5:08 am
in politics. increasingly so on the democrat side 'cause they don't have a good record to talk about. >> steve: there is something consistents on the democrat side. that is there are areas of audacity. here is another one where president obama was mocking the fact that mitt romney and paul ryan -- they just don't have enough foreign policy experience. yet remember mr. obama had absolutely zip before he became president. listen to this. >> my opponent and his running mate are new to foreign policy. from all that we've seen and heard, they want to take us back to an era of blustering and blondserring that cost america so dearly. you don't call russia our number one enemy, not al-qaeda, russia, unless you're still stuck in a cold war mind warp. >> i've been in congress 14 years, he was in the senate for far, far less time than that. i voted to send men and women to
5:09 am
war. i've been to iraq examine afghanistan. i've met with our troops to get their perspectives. i've been to the funerals. i've talked to the widows. talked to the wives, the moms and dads. that's something. that matters. i take this very seriously. >> brian: her contention was he had more experience than you did, he had two years on the foreign relations committee. >> even i had more foreign policy experience in 2008 than president obama at the time as a senator. and i back that up. put it out on paper, i've been to 63 countries by the time we left the white house and done press conferences or advised on press conferences in every single one. in every secure video conference. men and women who travel for business in america that travel overseas and they're working hard to build their businesses and work for their companies, they had more foreign policy experience than he did at the time. no president, nobody, no future man or woman in the position will ever have enough foreign policy experience until you sit in the oval office, you don't have it. and president obama has done a
5:10 am
good job of following through on the policies that president bush fought for to make sure, for example, the patriot act, the anti-terror policies and i remember one time asking president bush, could we do this victory lap 'cause we got it reauthorized? and he said, i don't really want any credit. i want the next person who is in this office to have all the tools they need. so let's forget the credit. >> gretchen: that's fascinating because obama campaigned against those policies and then i remember interviewing laura bush about a year into obama's administration and asking her that question, how does it feel now that they likes all of your husband's policies? >> she has a wonderful minds in her -- line in her book where she says, i wonder if president obama ever wants to amend miss words. >> gretchen: that's the way she would say it. before you go, let's talk about this. we had donald trump on and we were asking him about whether or not the republicans need to get a little tougher in their attacks against president obama. here is what he had to say. >> they've got to get tougher. if they don't get tough, they're not going to win this election.
5:11 am
>> brian: give me an example of tough. how do you get tough? >> well, i think there are a lot of ways of getting tough. i think they're pandering to obama. i think they're being so nice to obama, it's unbelievable. and john mccain made that mistake. he absolutely made that mistake. and they're just afraid to attack this man and he should be attacked. if you look at the job he's done and the lousy job he's done as president. >> brian: they're afraid of being called racist. >> well, for good reason they're afraid of that, because you can't walk across the street without being called that if you're a republican. >> gretchen: bill clinton was. he was a democrat. >> yes. in south carolina during that primary convention. here is the thing, though, the republicans are always going to have a good week coming out of their convention -- i'm just saying good media week. the democrats are always going to have a good week coming out of their week. thousand we have a race that's tied. obama up in a couple of poll, but he's been up from the begins, that's why it's so hard to beat an incumbent.
5:12 am
what donald trump is saying is yes, they need to get tougher. i also think they need to stick with the substance. this past weekend, president obama goes to florida and attacks romney and ryan on a medicare plan while at the same time his hhs, his department of health examine human services is starting a pilot program to do exactly what the romney-ryan plan would do. the audacity is amazing. >> brian: the case for firing object observe is obvious, but the case for hiring mitt romney has not been made yet. do you agree? >> 56 days to go yes. refuse more work to do. >> gretchen: do you believe that the strategy was not attack obama because they're trying to get the independent vote and think the independents won't like that? >> yes. if you are just trying to find that narrow sliver of people that are wondering i voted for obama last time, i'm not sure who i'm going to vet for this time, make your case to me. the negative ads turn people off. they're making a calculation here and in some ways you use people like your surrogates to go on the attack for you, like
5:13 am
donald trump could do if he wants. >> steve: we're going to be here on thee five" today at fox news channel. >> monday, great days. >> steve: thank you. >> gretchen: coming up, one of the men who shot osama bin laden breaks his silence. navy seal sharing details we've never heard before, like how one word whispered in a night led them straight to bin laden. >> steve: mitt romney does not want to repeal all of obamacare. he actual lea wants to keep some of the popular parts. peter johnson, jr. explains that coming up. welcome aboard!
5:14 am
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[ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. >> steve: stirring the political pot a bit. republican presidential nominee mitt romney saying he likes some parts of barak obama's healthcare plan. >> i'm not getting rid of all of health care reform, of course. there are a number of things that i like in health care reform that i'm going to put in place. one is make sure that those with preexisting conditions can get coverage. two is to assure that the marketplace allows for individuals to have policies that cover their family up to whatever age they might like. i also want individuals to be able to buy health insurance on their own as opposed to only being able to get it on a tax advantage basis through their
5:17 am
company. >> steve: but the obama administration says covering only those with preexisting conditions would send health care prices soaring. joining us now with some analysis is fox news legal analyst, we haven't seen him for a couple weeks, peter johnson, jr. >> who happens to be back from vacation. >> steve: some said why was mitt romney talk being that yesterday? you say what he was doing was smart politics. >> brilliant because the romney health care plan has always included the common sense parts of health reform. so let's look what americans believe in terms of preexisting conditions and insuring adult dependence for 26 years old. 61% favor young adults coverage under their parents' plans until age 26. 82% of the american people favor banning insurance companies from denying people with preexisting conditions according to a reuters poll in june. so in terms of politics, it's brilliant. because it says to the american people, i'm the candidate that is not only a conservative, but i'm a compassionate conservative. i'm saying these things make
5:18 am
common sense to the american people. why should people with preexisting conditions be banned from insurance? so what he's saying is if you've had the opportunity for continuous flow of insurance and you haven't taken advantage of it, i'm not going to let you come into the system. but otherwise, i will. >> steve: sure. what mitt romney has been clear about from the get go is that on the first day he would get rid of the affordable care act, but he would hang on to the stuff that people liked. >> i don't think he changed the position one bit. he's saying, i will repeal the mandates, the taxes, the crippling taxes, the government intrusion into american healthcare that obamacare brings. but at the same time, i will implement those things, including this issue of preexisting conditions that are already existing under federal law now and are protected in many, many states. let's look at one more thing, the scare tactics of the obama administration in passing obamacare included these commercials about preexisting
5:19 am
conditions and people dying from cancer because they couldn't get insurance. now we see that only i think 77,000 people have signed up under this preexisting -- >> steve: i thought it was going to be tens of millions. >> i think $5 billion was allocated to it. it doesn't come into effect until 2014, but the feds put a system in to insure that those people with preexisting conditions would be insured. only 77,000 people have signed up. so the heavens coming down, the health system being crashed because mitt romney wants the good parts of reform without the bad parts of taxes and mandates, the math doesn't work out. the math does work out if he takes the good pieces and throws the mandates and intrusion out. i think it's brilliant politics. >> steve: we found out that the average family is paying more for health care. >> and it shows he's the guy who really cares about the people. >> steve: like you, peter johnson, jr. >> i try.
5:20 am
>> steve: thank you very much. straight ahead on this monday morning, a new way to never forget. how you can dedicate your time to help the victims' families tomorrow on the 11th anniversary of the 11th day of sent attacks. what's joe biden doing buddying up with that woman biker? doesn't end there. what president obama did may have actually one upped joe. srpp [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness?
5:21 am
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5:23 am
>> brian: quick headlines. florida police officer was killed while working as part of president obama's motorcade.
5:24 am
officer was getting ready to shut down i-95 highway when his motorcycle was hit by a pick up. white house press secretary jay carney says the president's thoughts and prayers are with the family. >> player injured after making a tackle on saturday. doctors say it's too early to know if he will be paralyzed. outside to gretch. >> gretchen: thanks so much. it is going to be 11 years later. tomorrow is the september 11, the anniversary. i'm joined by two gentlemen who have decided to turn this day into an optimistic one. david payne and jay winnic, great to see you. they have an organization called my good deed. right? >> yes. >> gretchen: tell me about it. >> it's a nonprofit group that was created by the 9-11 community, jay and i helped co-found that. the idea is to encourage people to go out on september 11 and do a good deed. some way to pay tribute to those lost, but also our military examine others that rose in
5:25 am
service in response to the attacks. >> gretchen: jay, you lost your brother in the 9-11 attacks. what does it mean for you personally to be part of this campaign? >> it's very important to me examine my family. my brother, glenn, was a volunteer firefighter and he was a rescuer. he lived his life and died in service to other people. so to encourage people to do good deeds and service on 9-11, all over the world is very meaningful. >> gretchen: you have this sort of platform that you travel with and it says, i will, which is the name of the campaign. what i love about it is you have alicia up there, she's technically the i. why is it important to have the human being as part of the message? >> that's really the whole idea of the 9-11 day campaign. we want people to say what they will do for 9-11. their pledge, their good deed. what's remarkable is literally there are over 100,000 people who have come to our web site and they've posted all these amazing things they're doing on september 11. people that are driving cancer patients to treatment centers, even children that are promising
5:26 am
to make their bed for the day. >> gretchen: so the two gentlemen behind us here, one from wisconsin, you found out he'lling do what? >> did did she doing what? >> one owns a subway locally and he's going to give free food out to military veterans and another is a veteran and making a donation to disabled veterans this year. it's one of like literally hundreds of thousands of tributes happening around the country and the world today. >> very reminiscent of the way people responded after the attacks. whatever people could do, everybody put aside their differences. we were all human beings. we all wanted to contribute and pitch in and do whatever we could tore people in need. that's really the genesis of this. >> gretchen: remember those days when you would drive down the street and you would hear the honking foreigns honoring the firefighters and the responders coming down to manhattan to help out. if people want to get involved in this wonderful organization, it's we will link that to our web site. guys, have a the best day possible. i know it's memorial time for
5:27 am
you. but this is a great organization. thank you. >> appreciate it. >> gretchen: back inside. >> brian: we'll all be here live on 9-11, too. 26 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, one of the men who shot osama bin laden breaks his silence, from seal team 6 sharing details we never heard before, like how the seals used a child to identify bin laden. plus, looking as tough as ever. he's not here to do pushups. he's here to give hollywood a wake-up call. john schneider coming over after he does p 90 x ♪ ♪ ♪
5:28 am
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5:30 am
>> brian: shout of the morning, been chosen. sean connery crashing the party. there is no locks on that door for that man. interrupting andy murray's
5:31 am
post-match news conference. he did not bring a chair with him examine talk to the chair. he talked to murray. connery calling murray over had to him. murray, who like connery, claims to be scottish, saying, quote, when the greatest actor in the world tells you to come up, you come up. murrayin the men's final later on today. rain delays pushed it. >> gretchen: can you believe the last five years they have played on monday after the u.s. open because of rain. >> brian: everything they thought of for just two weeks, they never thought about a retractible roof. >> steve: a lid. meanwhile, the lid has been taken off the osama bin laden raid. one of the guys who is involved in it, former seal team 6 member, has written a book called "no easy day." it officially came out last week. it was supposed to come out tomorrow. he's written it under a pseudonym, that is the fellow that "60 minutes requesting" identified as mark owen. that's not his real name or real
5:32 am
face. they added all sorts of hollywood prosthetics so that he could sit there and tell scott pelley last night the story of what went down. >> gretchen: so he was actually in the chopper that crashed. remember that part of the story? there were two choppers. so he didn't even know if he was going to make it alive to this compound. he gets inside and at one point they realize that they see who they think might be one of osama bin laden's sons, khalid, and it turns out that just a simple whisper ended khalid's life. listen to this. >> the guy in front of me who is point man, he sees a head pop out and disappear really quick around the corner. so you know, who is it? i don't know. he literally whispers, not amped up, not yelling, anything, he whispered, hey, khalid. khalid. whispers khalid's name, doesn't know if it's khalid or not. khalid literally looks back
5:33 am
around the edge of the hall and he shoots him. what was khalid thinking at that time? look around the corner? curiousity killed the cat. i guess khalid, too. >> brian: i guess those might think he's friendly. they also talk about on the way back they ran out of gas. and had to refuel and stop down in pakistan. >> steve: that's why there was a 30-minute window. >> brian: right. when they got back, they got to the hangar. when you think about it how much went right because of their incredible training, but also knew to amend their plan as soon as one chopper went down, they knew exactly how to handle it. >> steve: after osama bin laden was shot and the point man shot osama bin laden, 'cause osama bin laden poked his head out and the guy got him, first shot. when the point man ran up into the room, there were two women, the worry was they might have belt bombs. so the point man who is truly a hero, got them both in bear hugs and took them to the corner so they would notably up bipartisan
5:34 am
laden's body nor the other members of the seal team 6. okay. so bin laden did apparently have some guns in the room with him, but he didn't use them. so scott pelley asked him why he thought that was. >> he did have a gun, but he didn't use it. and i wonder what you make of that. >> i think in the end he taught a lot of people to do -- martyr themselves and he masterminded the 9-11 attacks. but in the end, he wasn't even willing to put up a fight. that speaks for self. >> brian: as the clock ticked down, there was a group, a team outside and they were saying what, if the town wakes up? it's a middle class town, they could all be armed and storm the gate. they suddenly lost their power in that town the night of the raid, even though there was no
5:35 am
weather problems, which made everything pitch black and they had the night vision glasses. >> gretchen: they were able to, that gentleman there, ended up firing shots into osama bin laden as well because he says he was still moving after that initial shot and his hands and armed were underneath him and so they didn't know if he had arms in his hand. they have shot him, took hiccup. it was a fee male c.i.a. agent who was studying bin laden 24/7 for five years who said to them she believed it was osama bin laden who they called the pacer because he would walk -- we are they had that video of somebody walking in that compound. she believed 100% that it was osama bin laden and that his son was there and it turns out she was 100% right. >> brian: the question is, why did he write the book? he said to give people like that credit. he said we only did the last 40 minutes. people spent their entire career tracking this guy for years. not just the last 3 1/2 years, for years following out these methods. i would just assume that the person who met with the c.i.a.
5:36 am
and national intelligence director and the f.b.i. every single day might have been very hands on on this search as opposed to the person who meets every once in a while with the c.i.a., national intelligence director and f.b.i. >> gretchen: fascinating story. i'm sure you'll continue to read more about it. we got it do headlines. the auto alliance plant in flatrock, michigan will be opening its doors as a ford only manufacturer. the plant used to make mazdas and fords. but mazda production ended last month. that's because the ford motor company investing $550 million in revamping the plant to produce the new ford fusion and it says 1200 jobs are being created as a result. >> steve: meanwhile, what's that big dark mass hovering over phoenix, arizona? a dust cloud. strong winds kicking up dirt examine blanketing phoenix. the dust making it so hard for driver, many drivers were forced to pull over until it passed, which they did. luckily there are no reports of any accidents, however, i would imagine car wash business absolutely skyrocketed. >> brian: it looks like a scene
5:37 am
out of csi. >> hello, harry. >> brian: the f.b.i. rolling out its facial recognition project. works through cameras to compile mug shots, voice recognition and iris scans. it can compare images to the f.b.i. database and pinpoint where they are examine -- and track suspects by honing in on their faces in a crowd. lee majors did this 30 years ago. i don't know why we're bragging about it now. >> steve: $12 trillion now. >> gretchen: team obama getting up close and personal with voters on the campaign trail. first, president obama getting a lift, literally, from a pizza shop owner. the visit may have been far from a surprise because there are reports this morning the owner visited the white house in june during a campaign to raise awareness about donating blood.
5:38 am
and check out this female biker getting very cozy with vice president joe biden. >> brian: i'm uncomfortable watching that. >> gretchen: the guys wondering what he's saying to her. there could be quite a few things. >> steve: he's just whispering. >> gretchen: here is the thing, obama and biden have not been doing great with the working class voter. i'm not saying all bikers are that, but they haven't been doing well with that group of voters. so this is imry, folks. this is imagery to show we can hobnob and we need your vote. >> steve: i think they're going to surge with biker chick after this. >> brian: i think that's huge. >> steve: yeah. it's the movie that's not only surprising hollywood, it's surprising the actors as well. "october baby" is considered a small move yeah by hollywood standards that cost less than a million dollars to make. but its pro-life message is resonating with viewers to the tune of $5 million at the box office. joining us now is the guy behind it, john schneider, good morning. >> good morning. >> steve: you stopped by when it first came out. now it's on dvd. >> it's because of you,
5:39 am
seriously. thank you very much for giving "october baby" all the time you gave it months ago when it came out in the theaters and now it's coming out tomorrow at wal-mart which is one of our biggest children's miracle network hospital supporters as well. >> steve: it's a great story. it's about an 18-year-old young woman who tries to reconcile why her mother tried to abort her. >> right. she's an abortion survivor. it's a story about that. it's a story about another choice we have that people don't really talk about, the choice to give up your baby for adoption. ellie and i have a grand baby now because when ellie was a 16-year-old girl, she decided not to have an abortion and give up the baby for adoption and that is the mother of our grandchild. so it has far reaching effects. >> gretchen: let's take a look at "october baby". >> i know how you must feel. >> you have no idea how i must feel about this and you can't know until you've had a daughter
5:40 am
of your own, so stay out of it! >> she's not your daughter. and she has every right to find out who she is. >> i'm going to make this very simple. you stay away from my daughter. you don't call her. you make no contact with so far. do you understand me? >> gretchen: so is it tough being pro-life in hollywood? >> it's not really as tough like eastwood said the other night, it's conservatives are by nature kind of quiet about it until we get pushd into a corner. it's not as sufficient as you might think. there is -- as sufficient as you might think. there are a lot of things that are in favor of what "october baby" stands for. they're just not running out in the streets examine pointing fingers at people. >> brian: how much easier is it to be tougher when you're in much better shape? you used to be -- you're just waiting for someone to come at you. >> i'm ready.
5:41 am
>> gretchen: wait a minute! i have to continue doing the show. okay? >> i'm ready. 25 pounds ago i did "october baby" and andy irwin did 26 pounds and i was doing p 90 x. >> gretchen: here is the before. we got the after. but you can do it again. >> that's the after standing there? >> gretchen: you're going to be showing your six pack in a movie coming up, right? >> die is a show called requests mistresses and it's there. there it is. >> steve: that's a whole new guy. >> it's a whole new guy. so andy lost 60 pounds because of doing that. and i'm excited about it. i have a team of about 190 people who have collectively lost almost 4,000 pounds. i coach people to do it now 'cause i was a fat kid. i think we talked about that way back when. >> steve: that's the same program that paul ryan does. >> yes! wasn't that great to hear about all that. if he's got the at thes inity to
5:42 am
stick to an hour of p 90 x a day and do what he does, then -- there is paul and tony horton. >> steve: before you go, you got to tell us, you got a great story about johnny cash on how he really impacted your life when it comes to your faith. >> lived with johnny cash in june for a little over a year. we did a movie called "stagecoach" together. and it was amazing 'cause i saw you could be a believer and be a guy with rough edges and scars and johnny cashes with a real guy. -- was a real guy. he didn't roll his sleeves up to look like he had just come from work. he actually did. >> gretchen: what was it about his faith that rubbed off on you? >> his life. how he lived what, kind of a guy he was. a guy of integrity examine honesty -- and honesty. >> brian: who had bumps and bruises. >> yeah. but honest guy as one that when you say how are you doing? he said, i'm not doing worth a damn right now. that's also honest. it's not being nice and sweet because you're supposed to be, because you're a christian. he was an honest man.
5:43 am
i have to -- i got to say tomorrow it comes out, "october baby "calls out in wal-mart examine all the christian bookstores and things. but for all the christian demographic generally russell yates waits for a film to come out on dvd. i urge people not to do that because what happens in the box office is very important. if you saw it, go buy three or four copies and give it to people. it's not like heavy. it's a wonderful movie that will make you smile, make you laugh and make you cry. if you buy it, it will make me happy. >> steve: good reason to go to wal-mart today. >> i'll work you out if you want to. >> steve: we'll trust you. >> hazard boduke at yahoo. >> brian: i wish the wal-marts were bigger. only kidding. >> gretchen: coming up on of course "friends," speakers at last week's democratic national convention tried to paint mitt my as an out of touch boss who
5:44 am
likes to fire people. turns out no one is buying it. our next guest voted for obama in indicate. he'll explain his thoughts coming up next in america today we're running out of a vital resource we need to compete on the global stage. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them.
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>> gretchen: couple headlines. border patrol is putting an end to the program that flies illegal immigrants back to mexico.
5:47 am
it comes too difficult to fill the plane? it costs taxpayers nearly $100 million. new study finds men aren't just looking for a pretty face. nope. survey of 12,000 people, men said they prefer intelligence over looks if a partner. what if you get both? >> steve: meanwhile, dnc speakers came out in droves last week to attack mitt romney's business background trying to portray the gop as a threat to the middle class. >> people feel like the system is raked against them and here is the painful part: they're right. >> we believe that we're all in this together, is a far better philosophy than you're on your own. >> brian: our next guest voted for president obama in 2008 and he says the dnc focus was all wrong. columnist for the "new york post," michael goodwin. what do they have wrong? what consistencies did they all have wrong? >> i think the whole theme of this convention, there were
5:48 am
several legs to it. the first is kind of a frenzy of grievance, this idea that society is rigged and you, the democratic party, you are owed something. and who is rigging it? why, that would be mitt romney and rinse. they're not just wrong, they're immoral. we're better people. that's what one nun said at the convention. we're better people than they are. that's an extraordinary statement and then finally, it's this idea that as james cliburn, congressman from south carolina said in his speech, barak obama lights candles, mitt romney spreads darkness. and osama bin laden is dead. what thank is the whole convention. >> gretchen: you put it in that one statement in your column. you pretty much used that line to sum it up. that's what it would be. >> i saved everybody a lot of time. >> steve: you refer to him as dear leader. >> there is an element of a godliness to the way obama is portrayed.
5:49 am
and i don't john kerry said we believe in barak obama and got a standing ovation. i think that a lot of people just watched the prime time speakers and those are heavily choreographed. but when you watch all the speakers all the time, you get a very clear idea of what the party is about, how it sees itself. this frenzy of grievance and entitlement at the same time without discussing the debt, deficit, any of these issues -- >> brian: mitt romney for being rich, they forgot about jfk and. >> you see, a whole parade of people saying mitt romney only cares about profits, not people. that he's immoral, paul ryan's budget is immoral. >> gretchen: he was an alleged felon. >> right. all those things. it's a character assassination, but we shouldn't forget the other side, which is a sense of grievance and entitlement, that so therefore, it's not about finding you a job. it's finding someone to blame for is am that's rigged. i think it really talks down
5:50 am
america examine paints a very gloomy picture of upward mobility. it tells people, you're not responsible. society is ricked and we, the democratic party, are your saviors. that was extraordinary message that was very consistents. >> steve: they're throwing everything at the wall hoping something sticks. michael goodwin, always a pleasure. thank you very much. >> brian: see you on the radio. >> gretchen: coming up, down to two cooks in the kitchen for tonight's final d of "master chef." i love this show. but they've got to make us breakfast. first let's check in with martha mccallum for what's on at the top of the hour. >> we are back and we're ready to go. as the convention hoopla dies down, will we see return to substance in these campaigns? who wins that contest? brit hume is here on that. and congressman kevin mccarthy weighs in and the chicago teachers on strike. another union show it is down in the works? we'll see you at the top of the
5:51 am
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5:54 am
>> brian: it's been a tough season and a very competitive season. it's been fierce and i'm talking about the master chef season. the finale is tonight. listen. >> one of you two amazing home cooks will win a quarter of a million dollars, publish your own cookbook and earn the most coveted prize in the world of food. the title of master chef. >> brian: who gets that title? before you tune in and find out, they're here to cook us breakfast. it's hard to tell them apart. christine and josh, one of them seven feet and christine and josh, what are great season. describe it for you, christine. >> the season has been amazing. i think it's just been probably
5:55 am
the craziest, most intense experience of my life. it's been good. a good ride. >> brian: you are blind. >> yes. >> at first gordon ramsey seems -- says, am i being pranked? you're blind and able to cook at this level. >> yeah. i think it's just a blessing and a talent. i think over time you just learn to adapt to whatever is given to you. i love to cook, so it wasn't something i wanted to give up. >> brian: and josh, you're a good cook and you're tall. >> right. >> brian: you're seven feet, baby. you're here to get the championship. is it all about winning tonight? >> it's all about winning. it's also about food, too, because i came here to put myself and showcase my food. >> brian: you both got great aprons on. what are you going to make. josh? >> the carrot pumpkin pancake. >> i'm making a lemon pancake with berries. >> brian: let's get started. cue the music. can you also tell me what you're doing? what is that? >> pumpkin puree added with
5:56 am
shredded carrots and raw oest. not quick oats. >> brian: i really can't tell the difference. what are you doing? >> here is the dry mix, i have but thing milk, milks, eggs examine lemon zest. i'm going to add that all together. >> brian: you memorized that? >> yes. >> brian: there you go. start to pour. the milk is in. how much does speed matter? >> in the competition? >> brian: yeah. >> it matters a lot in competition. as you can see, a lot of challenges. i'm sweating like crazy. >> brian: i always thought you were nervous. >> i mean, i was nervous because this is a huge competition. >> brian: your recipes will be in the ultimate cookbook? >> they will be. >> brian: for you, too, right? >> yes. >> brian: win or lose? >> absolutely. >> brian: will this be in it? >> this is will be in. >> yeah. i'm going to pour the wet into the dry. hopefully i get it all in. >> brian: we're going to finish up and get the results right after the break. we'll make our decision when we
5:57 am
return. if we can get our bunson burner going. back with josh and christine right after this [ mother ] you can't leave the table till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8...
5:58 am
droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4g lte network, and motorola, droid does. get $100 off select motorola 4g lte smartphones like the droid razr.
5:59 am
>> gretchen: tomorrow we're going to have matt tillman, the pilot who flew air force one on september 11, plus laura ingraham and former new york city mayor rudy guiliani. tomorrow is the 11th anniversary of september 11. >> brian: christine and josh is here. we got their big story tonight. we'll find out who the best amateur master chef is. for our decision, wait 'til overtime.

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